Rocket Audio Launches It’s Not All Dad! The Podcast

June 9, 2021

Rocket Audio Launches It’s Not All Dad! The Podcast

June 9, 2021


Rocket Audio launches It’s Not All Dad! The new parenting podcast hosted by Jamie Jewitt, Jake Quickenden & Marcel Somerville.

Follow the boys as they navigate the world of parenthood, and hear it all from the dads perspective! Each week, they share their trials and tribulations and give listeners insight into their lives like never before. Expect confessions, advice, special guests, challenges and more from 3 lads who have been promoted to dads.

The podcast has been created by Natasha Hill and Jamie Jewitt and produced in partnership with us at Rocket! We are a leading audio consultancy adept in reaching youth, children’s and family audiences.


James Erskine, CEO Of Rocket said – “From the very first recording, it was clear the boys chemistry and enthusiasm was going to make for a great listen and really make an impact in the parenting podcast space. Our aim was not to create a podcast that is a masterclass on being a parent, but a podcast that follows real journeys. Something to make people laugh, ask questions and be relatable to those who are parents and simply fans of the hosts. In the same way Top Gear is not for car lovers exclusively, this is very much about the tasks we set the boys and their journey as they have become Dad’s….”

Natasha Hill, Jamie Jewitt’s Agent/ Talent Producer for the podcast said, “Jamie Jewitt has always been perfect for leading discussions, having done a lot of work speaking and igniting conversations surrounding Mental Health. When he became a father his world was completely changed by this one beautiful little perfect human being that now relied on him, and his wonderful partner, to care for her. Through his experience of parenthood, the trials and tribulations, moments of fear and utter joy, we began to notice a real gap in the market. There was not a lot of content surrounding Dads, especially in podcasts, that follow the real and raw experiences of being a parent. Jamie Jewitt joined forces with Jake Quickenden and Marcel Somerville who are also new dads, and the spark was instant. For us it was a complete no brainer collaborating with Rocket, their previous work spoke for itself. This is the podcast that that is going break down the barriers between Celebrity and Fan, ultimately bringing everyone together to share the experiences of parenthood and induce belly aching laughs and maybe even some tears.”


This collaboration marks the first step of its kind for us at Rocket. Previously our content has been brand driven. “We have been looking out for the right talent partners as previously our audio offering has been lead by brands such as Penguin Random House, Harper Collins and Merlin Entertainment. This is our first talent-first offering and we are actively looking to add more to Rocket Audio.”  James Erskine from Rocket.

Jamie Jewitt, said “I hold a firm belief that this podcast will be something a little different to anything that’s been done before. We have gone through some very notable changes in the past few decades when it comes to discussions around men’s mental health, masculinity in turn male vulnerability. Becoming a dad for the first time has been a humbling experience. Witnessing Camilla’s journey into motherhood, her fortitude throughout pregnancy, the birth and beyond had me in awe of the mothers role and the challenges that go with it.  This being said the fathers role seems to differ quite drastically not just as time moves on and society progresses, but it differs greatly from family to family. Myself, Marcel and Jake are looking to give an honest account of our individual journeys in real-time. Sharing all of the ups, the downs, the confusion, the mayhem, the lessons and the self discovery that comes as we each attempt to find our place in the parenting puzzle.” 

It’s Not All Dad launches on the Global Player on Wednesday 9th June 2021! Find us wherever you listen to podcasts.

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