The podcast for kids, by kids: Freddie & Friends

March 10, 2021

The podcast for kids, by kids: Freddie & Friends

March 10, 2021

In April 2020, we launched the Freddie & Friends Football podcast! 8-year-old Freddie was joined each week by his co-hosts Lindy, Dylan, Elliott and Henry to talk all things football. From episodes on the UK’s best playmaker, football history and the best football players from countries around the world.

Brands supported 2 seasons the podcast, and we had some amazing guest interviews. The team interviewed Match of the Day Magazine editor Stobbsy about the funniest football moments in history, author Eve Ainsworth on women’s football and Dan Freedman on football heroes. 

Extra Time with Freddie & Friends! 

We’re busy planning the next season of the podcast, and we’re switching it up! Freddie and his friends want to talk to each other, and their listeners about more than just football!

We’re planning episodes on: 

  • Music
  • Gaming & streaming
  • News
  • School
  • Half term
  • Days out
  • Sport
  • Guest features and more!

The podcast hosted by children aged 8 and 9, for children aged 7-11, we will be featuring all topics kids are talking about! Opportunities are available for brands to get involved and we’d love to hear from you. 

Do you have a topic you’d like the team to discuss? Maybe you’re launching a new product or marketing the latest middle-grade title. We have a wide variety of opportunities for you to position your brand and product in front of your target audience.

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