What To Include In Your Invoice & How To Write One!

November 1, 2023

What To Include In Your Invoice & How To Write One!

November 1, 2023

A standard invoice is a written document that in short, is a request for payment from the company you have completed paid work for.  Invoices include a description of the items you’re charging for along with your payment terms. Invoices ensure you get paid for your hard work, on time! 

Invoices are important documents for both you, and the business you are invoicing. Businesses need to keep track off all payments and you can keep track of income. 

What to include in your invoice? 

The most essential information to include in your invoice is listed below, along with some visual examples.

  • Your full name or company name,
  • Date of invoice,
  • Bespoke invoice number (for example if you are sending your first ever invoice this could be #001)
  • Contact information including address, email and phone number,
  • Bank details,
  • Details or name of the project you are being paid for,
  • Total amount owed to you (£)
  • Payment terms (This is time in which the business must pay you, always include a due date, typically invoices are set for 30 days).
  • Your bespoke purchase order number supplied by the company you are working for. Sometimes known as a ‘PO’ this helps the business align their payments with projects, and including this will be essential. If you’re not sure if you need one of these prior to sending your invoice just ask!

How do I create an invoice?

An invoice is an extension of your brand, and as a professional document should represent YOU and your services as best as possible. 

Most commonly in a PDF or Word Doc format, there are so many templates online to help guide you. We would recommend using a platform like Canva! You can find a template you like, and edit the colours and logo into your own branding.

By using a template it will help you include all the information you need, and ensure you don’t miss any important information off.

When should I send my invoice? 

Invoices are typically emailed by yourself (or automated from a invoicing platform) after you have delivered the work. You will be given a finance or accounts email to send your invoice to, and this will enable your payment to be processed by the company.

Sometimes, a company will allow you to invoice at the start of the project, but this should be something you discuss with the company prior to starting work. 

We have included an example invoice below for inspiration!

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