Youth Audiences & Facebook 2021/2022

September 15, 2021

Youth Audiences & Facebook 2021/2022

September 15, 2021

As you’ll likely be aware, there has been a recent update to Facebook’s targeting to under 18s. As youth marketers, we’ve put together an overview of what’s changed, as keeping track of social media updates can be a bit of a minefield!

What is the update?

Under the new Facebook update, many targeting options are no longer available for use in targeting ads to individuals who are under 18 globally. The targeting features that will no longer be available are:

Connections targeting
Language targeting
Website custom audiences
App activity custom audiences
Engagement custom audiences
Customer lists custom audiences
Offline activity custom audiences
Look alike audiences.

How will it effect your campaigns?

We are still able to reach the youth audience on Facebook and Instagram, though we will have to look at broader targeting options, refined only to gender, age and location. Facebook are aiming to let their own algorithm determine where the ad should be served.

We are running some activity under the new update to observe how it effects the ROI and brand safety of our campaigns. We will soon have gathered enough independent insight to effectively decide if Facebook and Instagram are still worthwhile platforms to reach the under 18s audience.

What’s our solution?

Remember, Facebook and Instagram are not the only social platforms you should be looking at! Particularly when it comes to the Gen Z audience, they are engaging less and less with this networks, and are instead spending more time with Snapchat, TikTok and Twitch – favouring short-form and live content.

We are always running plenty of campaigns across all platforms that reach a youth audience. If you’re unsure of where best to position your brand or product to successfully engage the teen and young-adult demographic, we’re more than happy to help guide you.

Do let us know if you have any specific questions about the latest update! You can get in contact with us

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