Working in Harmony: Organic and Paid Social

In this article we focus on the harmony of organic and paid social working together. Talking about platform isolation to collaboration, the increasing similarities between the both and how we can help you build your strategies.

Rocket Fuel 2024

We’re back with new episodes of our Rocket Fuel podcast! A series of conversations at the intersection of commerce, culture and creativity with a focus on youth and marketing. What has changed in the world of youth marketing in the last 12 months?

The Vision: 2024 at Rocket

How are we changing in 2024?

How are we changing in 2024 as a content marketing business, what can our new and prospective clients expect from us and how are we embracing change? 

Rocket Audio: Fighting on the Inside Podcast

This year we produced Fighting on the Inside hosted by Jamie Jewitt and Johnny Nelson with charity Gloves Up Knives Down. Our second project with Jamie following the success of his parenting podcast, It’s Not All Dad. FOTI is now live across all podcast platforms and as a video series on YouTube. Jamie and Johnny […]

Pip & Posy

Our campaign objective was to promote the award-winning second series of Pip and Posy, driving engagement and increasing views.

We created a cross platform Influencer Marketing and paid social campaign targeting parents with pre-school children.

What To Include In Your Invoice & How To Write One!

A standard invoice is a written document that in short, is a request for payment from the company you have completed paid work for.  Invoices include a description of the items you’re charging for along with your payment terms. Invoices ensure you get paid for your hard work, on time!  Invoices are important documents for […]

Making Moves: Marketing for Attractions & Events

We’re going to say it. We’re pretty good at driving ticket sales and creating engagement for our attraction and events clients! Driving footfall during off-peak moments, creating a buzz on social and keeping the conversation going amongst target audiences. We’re thrilled to see our two time award winning ‘Screaming for Screening’ campaign featured in Attractions […]